infinite strange freedom

As I travelled across the early roads of my life, I used to keep a logbook. I would write some imaginary place, time and number of entries like „silverdustsilkroad, stardate xxx, logbook entry xxx“. Back then I didn’t have a car and honestly didn’t think I would ever be able to afford one some day. Never bothered me. True! So I went by train to look for some new adventures and interesting people. Every stranger I met would write or draw something to be remembered. Some of them just walked by, we said hello and after the first moments of surprise most of them smiled and thought about something profound or at least funny to write or draw and we never met again. Some of the people I „collected“ became dear friends. When I flick through my old logbooks and see these fragments of brief connections, banned on paper, I like to remind myself, how small gestures have huge influence on who surrounds you, on who you are and who you will become. Now I want to replace my former open diary sketchbooks with this blog and hope to gather a few stories and moments to share and make us feel….

You will find the latest news on the blog, playfully referred to as (b)logbook, as it replaces my old analog logbook. Enjoy!